Friday, February 23, 2024

Joy of Checking into Iran’s First Mud-Hut Hotel

It has been a couple of years since Iran’s first mud-hut hotel was opened to tourists in the city of Ghalehganj in southern Kerman province, southeast Iran.

Ghalehganj hotel in Kerman province can host up to 60 guests in its 31 huts. All goods, equipment and handicrafts used in the huts are produced by local inhabitants and craftspeople.

The project was undertaken by the charity foundation Iran Mostazafan and Janbazan (foundation for the oppressed and disabled).

Visitors now have the chance to experience traditional Iranian desert dwellings, but without missing out on the luxuries of a modern hotel.

Ghalehganj hotel provides the visitors with entertainments and facilities such as off-roading in desert sand dunes, camel riding, desert dinners, local music and dance, local game of Ramaza; as well as enjoying the unique view of the region’s forest, desert and sandy hills from Takht-e-Varzal heights.

Besides, the hotel is located near tourist attractions including the famous Jazmourian Wetland, Rigabad hills with facilities like camel riding and sand therapy, Kashmit village and the local residents of “Kapar” huts’ lifestyle.

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