Saturday, May 18, 2024

IRGC uses Fath-360 missile in drill, with range of 120 km

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has launched a large-scale military exercise in Iran’s northwestern border regions in which it used Fath-360 missile with the range of 120 kilometers.

The projectile uses tactical solid fuel and is a precision weapon.

Fath-360 became operational in the IRGC last year.

The missile has a range of 120 kilometers and is capable of destroying a range of targets including logistic systems of the enemy.

This enables ground forces to enter the battlefield. Fath-360 is highly resistant to electronic warfare and is capable of destroying its targets without any disruption.

The same weapon was used against separatist anti-Iran groups in Iraq’s Kurdistan region last week.

Fath-360’s battery fires its multiple missiles within a minute to avoid getting targeted by the enemy.

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