Saturday, January 22, 2022

Iraq Fights ISIS on Behalf of Entire World: Envoy

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Iraq’s ambassador to Tehran says his country represented the whole world in its fight against ISIS, and now his country needs global help and support to reconstruct the city of Mosul which was recently liberated from terrorists.

Addressing a ceremony in Tehran to mark Mosul liberation, Iraqi Ambassador Rajeh al-Mousavi said Iraq has managed to remove the most dangerous terrorists of the world, ISIS, who have been threatening the security of all states across the world.

“We have demolished forever a group calling itself the Islamic State,” he said, adding the members of the group were from one hundred counties who could have served the role of a time bomb in their own homelands.

According to a Farsi report by Entekhab news website, the Iraqi diplomat went on saying that the Iraqis from all cities devoted their lives to liberate Mosul from the grip of terrorism. “The world needs to know that the Iraqis are a civilized nation with a long history,” he noted.

Al-Mousavi also praised the role of the top clerics in the liberation of Mosul and said by issuing certain religious degrees, the clerics managed to mobilise hundreds of thousands of Iraqi fighters in campaign against terrorism.

The ambassadors said the operation to liberate Mosul began nine months ago.

“The Iraqi forces including army, police and Poplar Mobilization Units along with the Kurdish Peshmerga and even tribal members took part in the operation. They fought in various regions under the command of the central government of Iraq.”

The ceremony to mark Mosul Liberation was held on Tuesday at the compound of Iraq’s embassy in Tehran. It was attended by Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Hassan Qashqavi, and a number of foreign diplomats including British, Palestinian and Pakistani ambassadors to Tehran as well as a number of Iraqis residing in Iran.

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