Monday, December 5, 2022

Iran’s Sorkhroud Wetland Hosting Migratory Swans

Sorkhroud wetland in Mazandaran province, northern Iran, is hosting migratory swans who arrive from cold regions in certain months of the year.

Each year with the beginning of the cold season, the swans fly a long distance to settle in Sorkhroud wetland in Varzamohalleh to leave behind the cold.

Over the past years, people were not allowed to enter the wetland to watch the migratory swans closely.

To find food and water, the swans flied to the neighbouring farms which usually led to their death due to crashing with power lines or being hunted by other birds.

It’s been a few years that Mahmoudabad’s Department of Environment is allowing the people to step into the Sorkhroud wetland and watch the swans closely.

By allowing visitors in the wetland, the department and environmental activists are trying to provide the migrantory swans with wheat seeds and water along the margin of the wetland and dams in some regions. In this way, the swans will be protected against the dangers threatening their lives.

Here are ISNA’s photos of the birds in Sorkhroud:


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