Iran’s National Sports, Olympics and Paralympics Museum is a treasure trove of the country’s history.

Located in the capital, Tehran, the three-storey museum measures 2500 square meters in area, of which 500 square meters is dedicated to the entrance space and the remaining 2000 square meters made up of two 1000-sqm floors is where Iran’s sports history is put on show.

Any museum reflects a whole variety of cultures and displays the cultural heritage of nations, including their lifestyles, ways of thought and beliefs.

Iran’s National Sports, Olympics and Paralympics Museum is a place to showcase and provide an opportunity to deliberate on the history of athletics, competitions, values, wins, defeats, dreams and stories in the domain of sports.

The main objective of the museum is to safeguard Iran’s sports heritage as well as to offer training and cultural services plus familiarizing visitors with concepts such as sportsmanship, dynamism, creativity and the spirit of Paralympics.

Many sportspeople and veteran athletes have donated to the museum their sports gear, awards, medals, cups and other items.

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