Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Outlines Activities in Coronavirus Fight

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has expounded on the latest measures the Ministry has taken to tackle the novel coronavirus epidemic and attract foreign assistance, offering special gratitude to the Chinese government and nation for their help.

Asked by reporters about the measures taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issues relating to the coronavirus epidemic, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said on Friday, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proud to be one of the first organizations that joined the national efforts to fight against coronavirus in tandem with the people and the Health Ministry.

“Supporting the fellow citizens residing abroad is one of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ main priorities. Thus, during the period of spread of coronavirus in China, all possible approaches to helping the dear Iranian students residing in China’s Wuhan were adopted, and following the considerations and examination of all options and coordination with the relevant institutions, particularly the Health Ministry, the repatriation of those dear ones became possible with the deployment of an exclusive flight of Mahan Air,” he explained.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the Iranian students owe their health to the devotion shown by the Mahan Air flight crew.

“In the next stage and after the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs focused its efforts on attracting voluntary helps from the friendly governments and nations as well as the international organizations, and on the arrangements to transfer them to Iran, which is still in progress,” Mousavi noted.

The spokesman further listed the aids that Iran has so far received from the Chinese government and people, saying the consignments have been transferred to Iran and delivered to the Health Ministry with eight cargo flights of Mahan Air free of charge.

According to Mousavi, the Chinese aids for Iran include approximately 350,000 various types of coronavirus diagnostic test kits, approximately 2,400,000 masks, approximately 130,000 isolation gowns, approximately 120 medical ventilators and aspirators, approximately 2,800 fever thermometers and oxygen meters, approximately 13,000 protective eyewear, approximately 160,000 face shields or head covers, and approximately 50 boxes of medication for treating coronavirus patients.

“The process of receiving generous assistance from people in China is going on, and at present, a large amount of aid, around 32,000 kilograms of various supplies, have been packaged and are going to be shipped to Iran with the next flights,” he added.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman then praised the Chinese government and people for their assistance, and also expressed gratitude to Mahan Air, the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs for cooperation in the transfer of the aid supplies.

“After the Twitter posts from Dr. Zarif, a number of countries and organizations expressed their readiness to send medical aid or to provide and sell them to Iran, as some cases have been publicized, and the noble and resisting people of Iran will be notified of the future cases as well,” he concluded.

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