Kalashtar is one of the beautiful villages of Rudbar County in Iran’s Northern Gilan Province. It is located three kilometres from the city and in the foothills of the western Alborz. Kalashtar is about 550 metres above sea level.

The village enjoys a very pleasant weather thanks to its temperate and semi-Mediterranean climate. Products grown in this village are pomegranates, figs, walnuts, cherries and oranges.

Kalashtar waterfall is also one of the attractions of Rudbar that has a beautiful and spectacular landscape.

Another attraction is the Manjil Wind Turbines. Theses turbines are not only one of the largest sources of clean energy production, but also have created a unique beauty. This power plant converts wind energy into electrical energy.

Due to the existence of these turbines, as well as the Sepidrud Dam, it is known as the commercial centre of the city of Rudbar and Gilan province. Manjil wind is one of the factors that has made the city famous. This wind is stronger in spring and summer and less intense in autumn and winter. It is a well-known old wind known as ‘Seven Winds of Manjil’. It is so high that bends the olive trees over to one side.

What follows are photos of Kalashtar village and Manjil Turbines retrieved from ILNA:


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