Saturday, October 1, 2022

Iranians Not Intimidated by Trump’s Threats, Profanity: FM

Iranian foreign minister says the US president’s recent allegations and threats against the Islamic Republic will never intimidate the Iranian nation.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a post in his Twitter account, referred to US President Donald Trump’s use of the word ‘rogue’ when describing the Iranian government, and said, “For the definition of rogue, compare Trump’s words with President Rouhani’s response.”

“Everyone knew Trump’s friendship was for sale to the highest bidder. We now know that his geography is too,” Zarif further noted, referring to Trump’s use of a fake word for referring to Persian Gulf.

“No wonder supporters of Trump’s inane Iran speech are those bastions of democracy in the Persian Gulf: KSA, UAE & Bahrain,” the Iranian top diplomat added amid certain regional states’ positive reactions to Trump’s anti-Iran allegations.

Zarif finally stressed that “allegations, threats and profanity will never intimidate Iranians. Trump will eventually discover this; as every predecessor did.”

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