Iranian University Launches PhD Program on Satellite Studies

Iranian University Launches PhD Program on Satellite Studies

Chairman of Iran’s Science and Technology University Jabbar Ali Zakeri says the university will take in PhD students in satellite engineering studies in the new academic year.

“The IUST already has postgraduate students in that major, helping considerable improvement in the capability of Iranian elites and scientists in the area of designing and building satellites,” Zakeri said.

“The university has acquired considerable achievements including the design of the satellites Zafar 1 and 2,” he added.

Two Iranian Satellites Ready for Launch 

The Iranian Space Agency was presented by IUST with Zafar 1 and 2 satellites yesterday morning during a ceremony at IUST.

Officials say the two satellites monitor natural resources and environment.

“We try to get Zafar1 placed into orbit, but if complications arise, Zafar2 is ready for launch. Zafar2 has color cameras with the precision of 16 meters, and is 25 times more advanced than the satellite Navid [which came out on 3 February 2012],” said Chairman of Iran Information Technology Organization Morteza Barai.

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