Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Iranian television channels disrupted for seconds

According to Tasnim News Agency, Iran’s Channel 1 and IRINN network were hacked on air for a few seconds on Saturday night with a news bulletin interrupted by anti-revolutionary operatives.

The hacking took place amid
the deadly riots that broke out in some Iranian cities following the death of a young woman in police custody.

The incident happened while the technical and broadcasting systems reportedly cannot be accessed through the internet and are completely isolated with impenetrable security protocols, according to ISNA news agency.

The stepped-up protocols were introduced after some television channels were hacked earlier this year.

The developments come as the protests – in some instances violent – have gripped several cities following the death of 22-year old Mahsa Amini who died following her arrest for violating hijab rules in the country.

The official report rejected claims that she died of blows to her body, saying Mahsa’s death was caused by underlying conditions related to her brain surgery when she was 8.

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