Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iranian Sci-Tech Delegation Visits China Suzhou Industrial Park

Iran's top science and technology delegation, who has travelled to China, has visited Suzhou Industrial Park on the second day of their trip.

The delegation also visited the Iranian export base and the knowledge-based companies located in the park. Iran has a pavilion where the products of knowledge-based companies are presented.

The Islamic Republic has also released a call for companies that would like to present their product at the pavilion. This pavilion does marketing and finds business partners for the tech companies.

In 2015, the Iran-China Nano Centre was set up in Suzhou. It is a centre that pursues the development of nanotechnology partnerships between the two countries and eventually creates the infrastructure needed to establish Iranian technology companies in the Nanopolis area of the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Information technology, stem cells, industrial machinery and equipment, advanced materials, and health are the fields of activity of knowledge-based companies headed to China.

A delegation of knowledge-based and technology firms headed by Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorna Sattari has travelled to China. Managers of the knowledge-based, Technology and Creative Companies accompany him in this visit. The purpose of this trip is to help develop Iran’s knowledge, technology and creative companies’ exports to China and to create a technology-based exchange.

Suzhou Industrial Park, abbreviated as SIP, is a county-level administrative area located in Suzhou region. Known as the heaven of researchers and artists, the park hosted Iranian knowledge-based companies’ representatives.

17 years ago the city was created in collaboration with Singaporeans. This technology-driven city is comprised of three main districts including Nanopolis and the ICT sectors.

The technology city has a respected stance in the country’s scientific and research community. The technological achievements and products made in the park accelerate the advancement of the country. Companies based in these areas offer advanced and innovative services that getting familiarised with them can be a step for Iranian knowledge-based companies to expand their operations.

The companies located in the park are always striving to foster innovation, competitiveness and progress.

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