Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Iranian Researchers Introduce New Cosmetic Eye Surgery Technique

A group of Iranian researchers have, for the first time in the world, introduced a new test to diagnose the droopy tear glands condition.

The test is used for those with droopy eyelids who go to see plastic surgeons to undergo blepharoplasty.

The test was developed by a research team at the Eye Research Center of the Iran University of Medical Sciences and introduced at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons by a professor who supervised the research team.

A considerable number of people with droopy eyes who see doctors for blepharoplasty also have droopy tear glands, which should be treated. Because of droopy eyelids, it is very difficult to diagnose droopy tear glands. Sometimes the condition is not diagnosed, leading to problems such as the protrusion of the outer part of the eyelid or tear gland fistula.

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The new test developed by professor Kashkooli and his team can diagnose droopy tear glands with 100% accuracy before blepharoplasty.

As announced by the Iran University of Medical Sciences, professor Kashkooli, a faculty member of the university, has, so far, introduced to the world 14 new techniques, treatments and tests with regards to eyelid, eyebrow, eye socket and tear duct surgeries. These unique techniques have been presented at international circles and published as articles in reputable American and European journals. He has delivered speeches as a guest speaker at more than 15 countries, namely the United States, Japan, Spain, India, China, Turkey and Greece where he presented his new methods of surgery.


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