Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iranian Researchers Develop Equipment Vital for Coronavirus Patients

Iranian researchers have developed ventilators as well as equipment to control pressure inside lungs for coronavirus patients.

The achievement was made by a knowledge-based company working in the field of producing medical devices with the support of the Innovation and Development Fund in order to monitor the status of patients affected by COVID-19

“At the moment, we are producing three products which are very vital for coronavirus patients,” said Payman Bakhshandehnejad, the managing director of the company.

Iranian Researchers Develop Equipment Vital for Coronavirus Patients

“So, we have increased the number of our working shifts, so that we will be able meet part of the country’s demand for these products,” he added.
He said one of these products is a “ventilator.”

“This device provides the oxygen needed by patients and, in fact, is a replacement for the oxygen capsule. This apparatus extracts the necessary oxygen from the air and then supplies it to the patient after screening,” he noted.

Iranian Researchers Develop Equipment Vital for Coronavirus PatientsThe researcher said around 400 ventilators have been produced and offered on the market following the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our second device is the BIPAP apparatus which controls pressure inside lungs. This device has two levels of pressure which allows the patient to inhale and exhale,” he said.
He added the third device used in the fight against COVID-19 is the AVAPS apparatus which is very useful for coronavirus patients. He said the company is now receiving standards and the required permits for the apparatus.

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