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Iranian Professors’ Work among 2018 Most Popular Books

A book complied by two Iranian researchers has been selected as one of the most popular books of the world in 2018, the American publisher Springer announced.

The book “Autonomous Guided Vehicles: Methods and Models for Optimal Path Planning”, authored by Iranian professors Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad and Hamed Fazlollahtabar have been among the top 25 percent most-downloaded books in 2018.

The book was first published by Springer in 2015.

Saidi-Mehrabad is a faculty member at the University of Science and Technology of Iran, and Fazlollahtabar, a postdoctoral researcher from Sharif University of Technology, works as an assistant professor at University of Damghan.

According to the publisher, the book offers a comprehensive review on methods for path planning optimization in autonomous guided vehicles.

For a brief review of Iran’s achievements in various fields of science and technology, check the book “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review – 2019

It also describes new models for scheduling and routing autonomous guided vehicles, and covers advance industrial applications, especially in the area of manufacturing.

This book provides readers with extensive information on path planning optimization for both single and multiple Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and discusses practical issues involved in advanced industrial applications of AGVs.

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