Iranian MP Criticizes Import of Expensive Blood-Based Drugs


An Iranian lawmaker slammed the country’s failure to launch a blood refinery, saying Iran should not import expensive blood-based drugs while it is capable to produce them.

“Based on the Article 44 of Iranian Constitution, the private sector has been tasked with launching blood refineries in Iran. It was to be opened soon, but it didn’t,” said Rasoul Khezri, an Iranian lawmaker.

“Unfortunately, a conflict between the Iranian Privatization Organization and the company which bought the refinery led to this.”

He went on to say that blood is a strategic commodity all over the world, according to a Farsi report by ICANA.

“Tens of medicinal products can be made of blood. They are expensive drugs.”

“As we import blood-based medicines from other countries, we lose a large amount of foreign exchange,” he added.

“If we manage to produce them in Iran, we will stop the waste of money, and invest in the export of blood-based medicines indeed.”

“The biologic drugs market has an annual turnover of $200m to $300m,” announced Khezri. “Why Iran is the target market of other countries while being able to use this technology?”

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