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Iranian intelligence ministry thanks Albania for action against MKO

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has in a statement thanked the Albanian government for taking action against the anti-Tehran Mojahedin Khalgh Organization terrorists.

The ministry said the move by the Albanian police was worthy of gratitude.
The Intelligence Ministry’s statement said that in the days leading up to the raid by the Albanian police on their camp, the “murderous group” did all it could to pull off a terrorist operation in Iran but this attempt was foiled thanks to vigilance and pre-emptive measures by Iranian officials.

The statement further listed a series of actions by the Intelligence Ministry that thwarted attempted acts of terrorism by the MKO including the making of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and the use of the bombs against state organizations and public places in the capital Tehran and other parts of the country.

The ministry said a number of the MKO’s members were arrested during the operations.

The statement then warned about the MKO terrorist activities in Western countries, noting that Iran will continue to go after terrorists outside its borders.

The Intelligence Ministry praised the Albanian government’s move against the MKO as a step forward but cautioned that some supporters of the group in Europe and the US are trying to revive this terrorist cult under the supervision of the Zionists.

Albania has been hosting the MKO after the terrorist group was expelled from Iraq a few years ago.

Albanian police raided the MKO camp on June 20, clashing with members of the terrorist outlet. At least two terrorists were killed and three dozen others injured.

Albania’s police entered the MKO’s camp once again on Thursday. Police forces were reportedly stationed at the entrance of the Ashraf 3 camp and controlled all vehicles leaving the camp.

More than 17,000 people have been killed by the MKO over the past four decades.

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