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Iranian FM to Start Visits to Lebanon, Eastern Europe Today

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will embark on a visit to Lebanon on Monday, which will later take him to three countries in the Eastern Europe.


According to a report by YJC, as translated by IFP, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said in his weekly press conference that Foreign Minister Zarif will leave Tehran for Beirut in the coming hours.

“In Lebanon, he will confer with Lebanese officials on bilateral relations and the recent election of the Lebanese president. Regional developments will also be explored during the meetings,” he noted.

“Lebanon is an influential country in the Middle East, and there have always been consultations between the two countries in different levels,” Qassemi went on to say.

Zarif is scheduled to meet with new Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Tuesday, November 8, he said.

Then, the Iranian FM will leave Beirut for Eastern Europe to visit Romania, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the Iranian spokesman added.

“We have had good cooperation with these countries since past decades; therefore, the trip will be made as part of Zarif’s periodical visits, and completes the chair of previous trips. It will helps us create further understanding and balance,” he noted.


Bahram Qassemi


Enhancement of Iran’s Ties with Czech Republic

Qassemi referred to Tehran-Prague relations, and hailed Zarif’s visit to the Czech Republic as a “positive move”. He expressed the hope that Iran-Czech relations would be restored to normal status once again.

“For different reasons, Iran’s ties with Czech had remained at the level of charge d’affaires, but we have agreed to upgrade it to the level of ambassador, and this is being realized. The Czech envoy has been introduced as their ambassador, and our charge d’affaires will also continue his mission as Iran’s ambassador.”

“We hope we would be able to promote our understanding and interaction with the Czech Republic at higher levels thanks to these efforts,” he added.

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