Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iranian exports of medicinal plants worth $600 million

More than 8,000 different types of plants grow in Iran, of which about 450 species are have medicinal usage. Plants whose export can have a high added value for the country.

Thanks to favorable weather conditions and the country’s long record in the production of medicinal plants, exports of such products inject considerable profit into the Iranian economy.

Currently, about 90% of medicinal plants are produced inside the country, but Iran’s share of export and sales of the plants in the world market is insufficient.

Statistics show the value of official exports of medicinal plants and herbal products has surpassed 660 million dollars in one decade.

The Science and Technology Development Staff of the Department of the Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine at the Iranian Vice-presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy has defined various programs with the cooperation of other relevant institutions for expanding scientific and technological cooperation at the international level and providing more opportunities for exporting products to other countries.

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