Thursday, February 29, 2024

Iran unveils radiation detection machines

Iran unveils domestically-built radiation detection machines on the National Day of Nuclear Technology.

The machines include dosimeters for measuring the level of ambient radiation pollution as well as individual radiation detection gates.

They have been developed by the experts of Iran’s radiation defense base. The two new knowledge-based products significantly improve the speed of assessment when accidents are highly likely and enhance the success rate of rescue operations when it comes to controlling the level of radiation contamination.

The nuclear and radiation industries count as very vital infrastructure in any country, and an accident in these strategic facilities irreparably damage the environment and also causes massive economic and security losses.

Although chances of a crisis in the nuclear industry are very slim, an appropriate response system needs to be put in place in order to reduce the severity of a possible accident and consequences thereof.

Iran’s Radiation Defense Base, as a knowledge-based sphere, has made shining achievements in recent years in the country’s defense industry

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