Monday, December 4, 2023

Iran envoy urges accountability for war crimes in Afghanistan

Iran’s representative to the United Nations Majid Takhte Ravanchi says Afghanistan is at a critical turn and the dire situation is the direct result of the military intervention of the US and its allies and their irresponsible withdrawal.

Takhte Ravanchi was speaking at the UN Security Council on Thursday night. He said hundreds of thousands of Afghans have fled their country while 600 thousand other have been internally displaced.

The Iranian envy also spoke of the urgent need to send relief aid to Afghanistan, saying the country is running out of food and 18.4 million Afghans need humanitarian assistance and that Iran ready to facilitate the dispatch of relief to the country.

Takhte Ravanchi said the US-led war killed 165 thousand Afghans including 33 thousand children from 2001 to 2021, adding that there must be accountability for war crimes in Afghanistan.

Takhte Ravanchi said Tehran is ready to host the next round of peace talks between Afghan groups. He declared Iran wants all Afghan ethnic groups and political factions to put Afghanistan’s national interests above those of a single group.

Takhte Ravanchi condemned what he called “deplorable fratricide” in the Panjshir valley, saying any side grabbing power in Afghanistan by force will fail to win international recognition. Takhte Ravanchi said Iran expects the Taliban to live up to their obligations in this regard because an inclusive Afghan government will have Iran’s full backing.

Takhte Ravanchi voiced concern over instability in Afghanistan and over the threat of terrorist groups, criminals, human traffickers and drug traffickers.

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