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Iran tourism: Larestan, a bond between history, nature and tourism

The mixture of all elements of tourism, that is, the existence of multiple historical monuments, markets, shopping centers and gorgeous natural scenery, the production of scrumptious souvenirs and beautiful handicrafts, the cooking of unique food all have made Larestan a good tourist destination for Nowruz.

Historical monuments

Having a long history, Larestan is home to many ancient monuments. Negligence on the part of authorities have caused damage to the monuments and some have been destroyed. But precious historical monuments still exist in Larest like The No, Golshan and Motamed caravansaries, small and big water reservoirs with diverse architecture, etc.

Mausoleums and religious sites

There are many mausoleums and religious sites involving tombs of sacred people Emamzadeh Mir Ali ibn al-Hussein, Emamzadeh Mir Ebrahim and many others.

Bazaars ad shopping centers

Many Iranians visit Larestan to buy products at reasonable prices such as clothes, electronics, decorative items, etc. in the city. Due to its closeness to the main southern port cities of Iran and also because of the background of its people, Larestan’s bazaars are the Gheysarieh Bazaar and the Imam Khomeini Bazaar as well as Helal, Negin, Berelian, Nour and Orkid trade centers are appealing to any visitor.

Beautiful nature

The timely and sufficient rainfall during the last few months of the Persian year 1400 has made the natural scenery of Larestan more beautiful than ever and is eye-catching to any viewer. Beautiful mountains with cool weather can be ideal for nature tourists.

Souvenirs and sweets

Buying souvenirs for friends and relatives may be the most important part of one’s trip to any place. In Larestan, thanks to the rich culture of locals, various food stuffs and souvenirs including handicrafts can be found at reasonable prices. Nowruz is the time when a variety of scrumptious sweets with memorable flavors such as Ghatlameh, Zegro, Foreign Bread, Bofeh, and so on can be found in Larestan.

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