Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iran tourism: Everest of caves in the world

Kermanshah Province in western Iran is home to one of caves with deepest underground drops in the world, a fantastic site registered as a national heritage of Iran.

The mouth of Paro – meaning full of water in the local accent — is at the height of 3050 of a mountain with the same name, which is located 12 kilometers to the northeastern from the city of Kermanshah. The opening is just 300 meters below the summit.

This is the highest mouth of all caves in the world.

Paro cave was discovered more than 40 years ago. Back then it was the deepest vertical case in the world. That is why it is dubbed the “Everest among caves in the world”.

The cave’s vertical drop is 725.5 meters deep, and the cavern spans 1454 meters in length.

It is listed as a natural national heritage of Iran.

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