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Iran tourism: East Azarbaijan’s beautiful nature

Azarbaijan-e-Sharghi (East Azarbaijan) Province of Iran was called Azarbaijan-e-Khavari before the 1979 Islamic revolution. Both Khavari and Sharghi are Persian words for East or Eastern.

The entire province is covered by mountains and heights.

East Azarbaijan borders Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, it’s where the two main mountain chains of Iran, namely Alborz and Zagros, meet, with the highest peak thereof being Sahand.

These unique features make East Azarbaijan Province more attractive to tourists. The four-season nature of the province is here depicted in these black and white pictures.

The picture were taken over the course of two years in different parts of East Azarbaijan Province such as Kandovan, Sofian, Sharafkhaneh port, Sarv border, Kamar Zonouz mountain, and Onsoroud Osko village which has an intact and unique nature.


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