Monday, February 6, 2023

Iran to Unveil Geomatic Coronavirus Detection System

Iran is to unveil a geomatic anti-coronavirus system in the near future, a senior official says.

The geomatic system will be used to detect the virus in infected individuals using devices such as smart health modems and wristbands.

The apparatus is also capable of measuring body temperature, the heart beat and blood oxygen levels, said Reza Alahvern, the head of the Health, Relief and Treatment

Department of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics.

He said the geomatic system can also monitor and control epidemics other than the coronavirus.
He made the comment while expounding on the activities of the department with regards to the fight against COVID-19.

“In line with responsibilities entrusted to the defence ministry by the National Coronavirus Headquarters …, the ministry began producing PCR molecular detection kits two months ago, and mass-produced them after receiving the necessary licences from relevant authorities as well as the Pasteur Institute of Iran,” he noted.

He said some 6,000 people have, so far, been screened for the novel coronavirus at Armed Forces medical centres using these kits, adding 500 infected cases have been identified and put under treatment.

He said the kits have 95% sensitivity, are 100% exclusive and have very high capability of diagnosing the disease. He said the defence ministry is capable of producing between 30,000 to 50,000 of these kits per day.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the official said Iran has been very successful in handling the coronavirus crisis in comparison with other countries.

He said US sanctions against Iran as well as other concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have enabled the country to manage the situation well.

He said the defense ministry has, so far, suppled three million N95 masks as well as 3.5 million litres of disinfectants to medical centres.

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“In addition to essential items, the ministry has provided medical cenres across the nation with some 120,000 protective gear, 600 monitors and suction devices, 40 thermal scanners and a large number of positive-pressure garments and stretchers used to carry patients,” he said.

He also said some 30 thousand ventilators are produced in the country every day.

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