Thursday, November 30, 2023

Iran to File Legal Case with Int’l Bodies over Health Problems Caused by Sanctions

A senior Iranian official says the country will bring a lawsuit with international circles to follow up on the health problems that Iranians have suffered due to sanctions.

Taher Mouhebati said the Iranian Presidential Office will pursue the matter.

“Sanctions have affected people’s health at different levels,” said Mouhebati, the deputy head of the health ministry for legal, parliamentary and provincial affairs.

“This issue is being pursued by the Legal Department of the Presidential Office, and the health ministry, too, has provided the department with the necessary documents to follow up on the matter at international bodies,” he added.

He noted sanctions have impeded the procurement of medical equipment and medicines needed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

He said if domestic companies were not able to produce the necessary medical devices, “we would really run into problems.”

The official noted that the supply of vaccines is very important as well because it is directly related with people’s health.

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