Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Iran to Export Cancer Drugs to Thailand, Armenia

A knowledge-based Iranian company has produced an anti-cancer nano-medicine which is being exported to a number of foreign countries.

The CEO of the company says “SinaDoxosome” has already been exported to Syria and Lebanon, and will be available in the markets of Thailand and Armenia in coming weeks.

Mahnaz Qomi, the CEO of the company, says “We expect it to arrive in Thailand and Armenia in mid-March,” Qomi said.

Used in the treatment of diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer, this product is less expensive than the similar foreign products on the Iranian pharmaceutical market.

Despite being sold at $700 per vial in regional markets, SinaDoxosome is being offered in the local market for about $30.

According to the company, SinaDoxosome has so far sold more than 6,000 vials in the country, indicating approval by oncologists.

SinaDoxosomes produced in Iran have less side effects than conventional doxorubicin because of its selective effect on the affected tissues.

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