Saturday, April 20, 2024

President Raisi stresses regional security, sovereignty in talks with Armenian defense chief

In a meeting with Armenia's Defense Minister, Soren Papikian, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi highlighted Tehran's commitment to fostering peace, stability, and security in the Caucasus.

Firmly rejecting alterations to regional borders and geopolitics, President Raisi underscored the importance of respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of the regional countries, and non-interference by external powers.

Raisi expressed Iran’s support for initiatives promoting peace in the Caucasus and voiced hope that discussions between the Armenian Defense Minister and his Iranian counterpart would enhance regional security.

Describing the Iran-Armenia relationship as vital, the president emphasized the effectiveness of cooperation between the two nations in various sectors for regional development and security.

The Iranian president insisted that regional security is achievable only through collaboration among neighboring countries, asserting that foreign involvement hinders peace.

In response, Armenian Defense Minister Papikian commended Iran’s commitment to upholding sovereignty and championing peace, declaring the establishment of peace in the Caucasus as Armenia’s top priority.

He stressed that mutual respect for territorial integrity and national sovereignty is at the forefront of Armenia’s agenda in the pursuit of regional stability.

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