Iran Seizes British Oil Tanker in Persian Gulf

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says its naval forces have seized a British-flagged Swedish-owned oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

The IRGC Navy announced in statement that British oil tanker “Stena Impero” has been captured on Friday evening because of violating the international maritime regulations when crossing the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran Seizes British Oil Tanker in Persian Gulf
UK Tanker Seized by IRGC Had Collided with Fishing Vessel: Iran

The UK oil tanker has been seized by the IRGC Navy forces in the first naval zone at the request of the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran at the province of Hormozgan, a statement said.

The British vessel has been taken to the port and delivered to the Ports and Maritime Organization for the legal and judicial processes, it added.

An informed military source later said that the Stena Impero was crossing a route other than the shipping lane in the Strait of Hormuz, had switched off its transponders and did not pay any attention to Iran’s warnings when it was seized by the IRGC forces.

Iran Has Not Seized Second British Oil Tanker Mesdar: Sources


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