Iran Sees ‘Bright Prospect’ for Strategic Cooperation with China: Zarif

Iran Sees 'Bright Prospect' for Strategic Cooperation with China: Zarif
This file photo shows Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (left) shaking hands with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi after a joint media briefing in 2016. / Photo by EPA

The Iranian foreign minister has envisaged a bright prospect for broader strategic and comprehensive cooperation between Tehran and Beijing.

Mohammad Javad Zarif made the comment in a message on his Twitter page to congratulate China on the anniversary of the establishment of the country.
“Chinese people celebrate the anniversary, 71 years ago, of the establishment of new China and autumn feast,” Zarif said in the message.

“The year 2020 was a very special year for the world. China struggled to accomplish achievements such as bringing an epidemic under control and reviving the economy,” he noted.

“I express my heartfelt congratulations to the Chinese government and people on these two accomplishments. I wish ever-growing success for China and hope a bright outlook will be ahead for broader comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries,” he added.

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