Iran Says Fully Ready to Produce More Masks, Hygiene Equipment

Iran Says Fully Ready to Produce More Masks, Hygiene Equipment

Iran’s industry minister says his ministry is fully prepared to manufacture or import the hygiene equipment needed to control coronavirus in cooperation with the industrial and commercial units.

Reza Rahmani said at the request of the health ministry all the country’s detergent and sanitation facilities have been activated and some of them are operating round the clock.

“There is a good capacity in this sector and at present we have a capacity to produce 250,000 tonnes of hand washing liquid and 55,000 tonnes of soap nationwide.”

It is planned that all of these units operate at maximum capacity, and increase their production capacity, he reiterated.

According to Rahmani, 13 major hygiene mask production units are now active 24 hours a day to meet the needs in this regard.

Rahmani said these units have a capacity to produce more than two million masks daily.

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  1. Your health care workers are gonna drop dead. Seriously, wear the protective equipment properly. They are not even all wearing everything they are supposed to.


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