Monday, December 4, 2023

Iran Says Chance of Success Scant for Putin-Proposed Summit

The spokesperson for the Iranian government says a seven-way online summit of the UN Security Council permanent members, Germany and Iran, proposed by the president of Russia, is unlikely to produce results as the US government lacks any sincere intention.

In written reply to questions from the Iranian journalists as part of a weekly press conference, the administration’s Spokesman Ali Rabiei commented on a recent proposal from Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold an online summit with the US, Britain, France, China, Germany and Iran in a bid to avoid confrontation at the United Nations.

“We are aware of Mr. Putin’s goodwill in de-escalation of tensions, but at the same believe it is unlikely that such summit would be effective in the absence of sincere intentions of the US government,” he noted.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s stance is totally clear. Irrespective of the speculations, whenever all parties receive a formal request for the proposed summit, we will consider it seriously and announce the final decision,” the spokesperson added.

He also noted that a recent voting at the UN Security Council that rejected a US-initiated resolution on the extension of the arms embargo on Iran indicated that the views of Iran and the other P4+1 members on Washington’s law-breaking and bullying polices are crystal clear.

Maybe the US president lacks the courage to take part in any other meeting, as he is confident of the US’ isolation, Rabiei stated.

Highlighting the Iranian government’s success in dealing with the cruel sanctions and protecting the lives of people, the spokesman said the US has failed to achieve its dream of collapse of the Islamic Republic.

He then hit back at US President Donald Trump for his allegation that the Iranian government masks a regime behind the false guise of a democracy, noting, “The Iranian nation, along with the international community, gave the US a harsh lesson. Now, this is Trump that has been unmasked at the United Nations and the international arena.”

On the August 4 blast in Beirut, Rabiei said Iran is worried that the tragic incident would become a pretext for foreign interference in Lebanon and the plots to control Lebanon’s internal affairs.

“We call on everybody to avoid political opportunism in dealing with the incident,” he noted.

Iran favors stronger international cooperation, including with the European states, to help the Lebanese people overcome the crisis, Rabiei added, but underlined that the foreign governments should work in coordination with the Lebanese government and nation.

Asked about a recent agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Israeli regime on normalization of ties, the spokesman denounced Abu Dhabi’s “irresponsible decision” as a gift for the US president ahead of the elections.

“By signing this deal, the UAE deprived itself of a constructive role in the Islamic world and came under constant suspicion. Any form of the Zionist regime’s entry into the Persian Gulf would result in nothing but escalation of instability and insecurity for all regional countries,” he added.

Rabiei stressed that Iran is closely monitoring the political ties between the UAE and the Israeli regime, and is “ready to make a decisive decision if a threat originating from such poisonous (UAE-Israeli) relationship” risks the regional security.

Asked about the US administration’s push to trigger the snapback mechanism to invoke the UNSC sanctions on Iran, Rabiei said the US has withdrawn from the 2015 nuclear deal and is basically in no position to use the mechanisms of the JCPOA and the UNSC Resolution 2231 that endorses the deal.

He explained that Washington has suffered a humiliating defeat after rejection of its resolution on Iran arms embargo extension and now seeks to damage the UN Security Council and foment division in the international community.

“This time, the frustrated US regime has decided to kneel on the neck of the international community and all members of the UN Security Council,” the spokesman concluded, expressing confidence that the US will suffer another defeat in its bullying approach.

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