Friday, April 12, 2024

Iran Rules Out Fresh Talks with Incoming US Administration

Iran’s Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei has ruled out fresh negotiations between Tehran and Washington following Joe Biden's coming into office, saying the two countries’ return to their commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal needs no negotiation.

“What the US needs to do is to stop breaking the law and violating its international commitments under the UN Security Council resolutions. That doesn’t need negotiation, because a country’s fulfilment of its duty shouldn’t be the subject of negotiation or give-and-take,” Rabiei said in a press conference Tuesday.

“Iran, in turn, has repeatedly announced that it will return to the full implementation of its commitments once the US lives up to its commitments and lift the sanctions. This doesn’t need any negotiation, either,” he added.

However, Rabiei said, some Western countries want to renegotiate issues that have already been negotiated and included in the JCPOA.

“In our view, this is not possible. Iran, Russia, and China have earlier expressed their clear opposition to this. If the next US administration delivers its commitments and abandon the previous methods, it is possible [to hold talks] to reach a settlement on Iran’s return to its commitments within the pre-existing and legal frameworks.”

“As I said, we don’t currently need any negotiation. Our return to our commitments doesn’t need any talks. The other issues have already been discussed; and we have already said how far the JCPOA can go. Adding them to the nuclear deal is not acceptable to Iran. So we won’t hold talks on these issues, either,” he added.

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