Iran to become production hub of radiopharmaceuticals soon: Official

Iran’s top nuclear official says the country is bound to become a production and export hub for pharmaceuticals soon.

Mohammad Eslami, the director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said at an event on Tuesday that “given the capacities built,” Iran will soon be a top producer and exporter of medicinal radiocompounds.

He said the AEOI had taken major strides in the field of plasma science and technology and the development of irradiation technology “within the past 16 months.”

“We now see the production of quality heavy water in the country and we have reached a good status in the world and can export this important product to other countries,” Eslami said.

The Iranian official said the organization under his command will “extinguish the global hype against Iran’s nuclear industry.”

The Iranian nuclear program has been a focus of Western attention since the 2000s. Western governments claim that Iran has been pursuing the development of an atomic bomb. Tehran denies that claim and says its nuclear program is meant for peaceful purposes only.

Iran reached a nuclear deal with the United States and five other countries back in 2015. But the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the deal and the imposition of numerous sanctions on Tehran stonewalled its proper implementation.

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