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Iran parliament fact-finding committee: Mahsa Amini didn’t die of blows to body

The Iranian parliament’s fact-finding committee has released a report on the death of Mahsa Amini, confirming the results of an earlier investigation by Iran’s forensic organization that the young Iranian woman did not die of blows to any part of her body by the police.

The report was released on Sunday, emphasizing that there was no evidence of “physical assault or attack” against the deceased woman and demanded prosecution of those who provoked people into protests and deadly riots by “hasty and contradictory statements” before the matter was clarified.

22-year-old Mahsa Amini died on September 16, three days after she collapsed in a police station where she was taken for a briefing on her hijab and fell into a coma. Her death sparked unrest and deadly riots in several Iranian cities.

The parliament’s fact-finding committee also called for structural reforms in the executive processes of maintaining social security without playing into the hands of the enemies.

Iranian officials say foreign elements orchestrated the riots to disrupt the country’s security.

The committee also called for an amendment of the Article 638 of the Islamic Penal Code to remove any ambiguities about the concepts related to hijab, which is the compulsory dress code for women in Iran.

While praising the police for their role in maintaining security in the country, the report said the fallout of the incident could have been prevented by providing fast and accurate information to pre-empt the foreign-based biased media’s ‘fake narratives’, and also by apologizing for any possible negligence or wrongdoing in the incident.

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