Friday, January 28, 2022

Iran Offers Int’l Leasing to Knowledge-Based Companies

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Iran says knowledge-based companies can benefit from international leasing in addition to domestic leasing of products.

Vice Presidency for Science and Technology announced on Saturday that developing the export market of knowledge-based companies is one of the measures that can facilitate the jump in the production; therefore, over 4,700 knowledge-based companies, if eligible, can benefit from international leasing.

The export of knowledge-based products is one of the goals that the managers of many of these technology units have spontaneously set as a goal.

These companies have already made significant strides in this area. These successes are valuable and significant as they have been achieved despite sanctions and restrictions.
The activation of privately managed export bases is one of the services offered in this regard.

Domestic leasing of knowledge-based products is currently active and covers up to 80% of the contracts.

Based on this, the international leasing plan of knowledge-based products has also been activated.

Knowledge-based companies that can receive the necessary guarantees from the Export Guarantee Fund can benefit from these services.

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