Iran new academic year kicks off amid Covid-related concerns

The new academic year has officially started in Iran, almost two years into the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that saw the rapid growth of online education.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi said at the opening ceremony of the 1400-1401academic year that the nation can find a higher place with active universities and professors.

Raeisi added that the upstream document of the second step of the Islamic Revolution emphasizes science and scientific progress, expressing hope that this academic year will be different from previous ones and will see big steps being taken.

Raeisi added, “We need a change, and this change must be in basic sciences; if not, it’s going to be subjective”. The president said universities should be the center of change in the country.

According to Raeisi, the university must see, hear, observe and give timely warnings and solutions before others. “The mission of the university must be redefined in order for Iran to become a scientific authority in the world”, he said.

While stressing that the university has been shining during the Covid pandemic, he said that in addition to making vaccines for the disease, Iran must also find a definitive cure for the Coronavirus.

Addressing the academics, the president said the formation of a strong Iran requires the forceful production of science and power is not just about building missiles. Raeisi noted that although making projectiles is a source of pride, but Iran must continue working in many other areas.

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