Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iran MP raps Afghanistan over “water rights” commitments

An Iranian lawmaker has lashed out at Afghanistan for failing to make good on its obligations with regards to the supply of water.

“Despite the concessions we give to Afghanistan, they have not fulfilled their promises regarding the supply of water,” said Mohammad Sargazi. 

“We are now exporting electricity to Afghanistan, supplying water to the town of Zaranj and providing the country with fuel,” the legislator explained. 

“Transportation routes in our country are the major paths for sending commodities and fuel to Afghanistan, but unfortunately, despite Iran’s engagement with the Afghan side, they fail to deliver on their commitments with regards to water rights of the Helmand river,” he said. 

Under a 1972 agreement between Tehran and Kabul, Afghanistan must open the gates of the river to flow a certain volume of water toward the southwestern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan on a regular basis. 

However, Afghanistan has failed to fulfill its commitments in that regard. 

This comes as locals in the province have staged protests over water shortage and Kabul’s breach of promise.

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