Iran Marks National Day of Persian Poetry, Literature

Iran Marks National Day of Persian Poetry, Literature
A cartoon by Shahab Jafarnejad, published by Iranian daily newspaper Shahrara, shows revered Iranian poet Ferdowsi (left) and the contemporary renowned poet Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar

Iranian people annually mark September 17, the demise anniversary of renowned contemporary Iranian poet Shahriar, as the National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature.

In a message of congratulations, Iran’s minister of culture and Islamic guidance noted that language is the symbol of unity, solidarity and the reinforcement of the principles of a nation.

“Moreover, safeguarding language will result in national independence and [strengthen the] history of a country,” Seyyed Abbas Salehi said in the message.

“The sweetness of the Persian language and literature has brought our poetry closer to language of art,” it added.

In his message, the minister noted that Persian poetry has, throughout its thousands-year-old history, expressed love, mysticism and monotheism in the most beautiful and permanent manner.

He also said Persian poetry has transcended geographical borders and promoted the Persian language and literature worldwide.

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