Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iraqi officials says Iran has stopped gas exports to Iraq

A spokesman for the Iraqi Electricity Ministry says that Iran has stopped gas exports to the country without prior notice while temperatures in Iraq have reached 51° Celsius.

Ahmed Musa said that Iraq’s power plants are now out of order because there is not enough gas to run them.

According to Musa, the reduction of gas exports from Iran has forced the closure of al-Mansuriyah, al-Sadr, South Baghdad, al-Rashid, al-Taji and Khur al-Zubair power plants or has made it difficult for them to continue working.

He added that Iraq did not receive any prior notice from the Iranian side to cut gas exports, stressing that the Iraqi officials asked Iran why it did so and the answer was that Baghdad owes Tehran a debt and must pay it.

This is while the CEO of the Iranian gas company recently said that Iraq has fully paid its debts to Iran but the transfer of the money from Iraq’s TBI bank has hit a snag.

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