Iran stands firm on Arash gas field share in Persian Gulf

Iran’s oil minister, Mohammad Javad Owji reaffirmed Tehran’s commitment to its share in the Arash gas field in the Persian Gulf, vowing not to exceed the agreed-upon production levels.

Owji expressed optimism regarding the resolution of issues concerning the Arash field through ongoing negotiations with Kuwait.

He assured that Iran remains steadfast in claiming its rightful share in the gas field.

The offshore gas field, known as Dorra in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, has long been a source of contention between the three countries. The field is located in the neutral zone between the three Persian Gulf states.

Additionally, the Iranian oil minister emphasized the country’s determination to export oil unhindered.

The minister reported that by the year’s end, nearly five petrochemical complexes would become operational in the country, significantly contributing to production.

He said: “These complexes are projected to generate revenues of 6 to 7 million dollars from product manufacturing.”

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