Iran’s Fars News Agency says origin of recent hacking attack detected

Iran’s Fars News Agency explains different aspects of the latest cyberattack that recently hit its website, saying the origin of the assault was quickly determined and an operation is underway to neutralize it.

A hacking group calling itself “Black Reward” claimed responsibility for the hacking attack on Friday, saying it has downloaded nearly 250 terabytes of data from the site and wiped all of this data from Fars computers.

In a statement, Fars rejected the claim that hackers deleted 250 terabytes of information.

Fars said “from the very first minutes, a technical group identified the origin and method of hacker penetration and started the operation to neutralize these attacks.”

It said cyberattacks on the news agency “are carried out almost non-stop and every day from different locations, including the Israeli-occupied territories.”

In the recent raid, the statement added, hackers were only able to destroy the information and news posted on Friday, and other information and databases of the news agency are available.

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