Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iran expells two German diplomats, declaring them persona non grata

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman says Tehran has expelled two German diplomats after declaring them persona non grata because of the "meddling and irresponsible actions of the German government in regard to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s internal and judicial affairs."

Nasser Kanaani said on Wednesday, the German ambassador to Tehran was summoned to Iran’s Foreign Ministry, being notified of the decision.

Kanaani added Tehran will act decisively “in the face of the excessive demands on the part of foreign countries.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Iran’s priority has always been to maintain interaction based on respect.

He went on to say,  “if the other sides intend to ignore our principles and sovereignty, resorting to other options will be inevitable.”

Germany has slammed Iran’s reaction to the anti-government protests and deadly riots following the death of a young Iranian  woman in police custody in mid-September.

Berlin has recently expelled two Iranian diplomats.

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