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Iran Displays Modern Transportation Techs at GITEX 2017

Rahnegar Houshmand Iranian Company, as one of the most active Iranian firms in the field of ICT, is introducing its new achievements in the field of transportation information technologies at GITEX 2017 in Dubai.

Iran Displays Modern Transportation Techs at GITEX 2017Information and communications technologies (ICT) can be applied almost in every profession. The transportation industry in Iran has not been an exception to this.

Here is an interview with Mr Khoshnafas, the CEO of Rahnegar Houshmand Iranian, a leading company in this field:

Q: When did your company start working and what was its objective?

A: Rahnegar Houshmand Iranian Company was established in 2011 with the motto off “Safe and Smart Everywhere”. Based on a vision called “Safety and Smartness in Transportation Industry with an Innovative Approach to Productivity and Development in Iran”, we started to accomplish the following missions in the country:

* Creating infrastructure in the IT domain

* Providing smart services in the field of ITS

* Planning and providing smart management solutions in the field of ITS

* Producing, supplying and distributing of hardware and software equipment in the field of ITS

Q: What are the major activities of your company?

A: We did a lot of work in these years, but the most important ones are as follows:

  • Selling two X-Ray machines for inspection of trucks worth $ 10 million
  • Selling 200,000 online GPS devices
  • Selling 30,000 offline GPS devices
  • Designing AVL software for monitoring the country’s public transportation throughout the country
  • Production and distribution of 10,000 MDT systems for taxis (including electronic payment, GPS, AVL, and taximetre devices)
  • Production of 50,000 digital taximetre devices

Q: Why have you decided to participate at GITEX 2017?

A: GITEX 2017 is an important exhibition in the field of information technology. Our company, with several years of activity in the domestic market, has developed two products namely car black boxes and NB-LTE and LTE-Cat M1 smart grid based on global standards. In order to develop the market in the countries of the region and the world via establishing contacts with potential business partners, our company intends to participate in the exhibition. The main difference between our products with other is that they are innovative and total-solution ones.

Q: And how do you evaluate the prospects for these technologies in Iran and the world?

A: Regarding the prospect of ICT in Iran, it should be noted that given the current trend of the IT market in the world, if domestic firms focus on software domains and integrate and deliver comprehensive solutions and present system integration solutions, we can have a successful presence in global markets in a five-year span. It goes without saying that political relations at the international level have a significant impact on the share of international markets for domestic companies as well.

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