Friday, April 19, 2024

Iran Dismisses Concerns about Shortage of Medical Supplies, Foodstuff

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has assured people that all needs for medical and health products and foodstuff would be fully satisfied by the administration amid the outbreak of coronavirus, saying the cabinet has made major decisions to support the businesses and individuals affected by the disease.

In remarks following a joint meeting between the administration’s economic headquarters and the representatives of the private sector, held in Tehran on Sunday, President Rouhani said a series of major decisions have been made to support the vulnerable groups and businesses of the society in the wake of outbreak of COVID-19.

He also assured the Iranian people that their health and medical needs would be fully met and the necessary food supplies and basic commodities have been provided by the administration.

There are enough commodities in Iran’s stockpiles of necessary products, the required purchases have been made, the country’s ports are filled with supplies, and the funding for the purchase of any new item will be rapidly provided by the Central Bank of Iran, the president underlined.

The president also said the participants in the meeting have reached a consensus that the country’s economic activities and processes and the trade interaction among people and businesses should continue in a normal manner in spite of the coronavirus outbreak, however, a series of health protocols must be observed.

President Rouhani then dismissed the notion of quarantine, adding, “There is rumor that a number of shops and some businesses would be quarantined in Tehran or in some other cities; there is no such thing at all, there is no quarantine, not today, not during the Nowruz holidays, not afterwards and not before that.”

“Everybody is free in their businesses and activities,” the president underlined, noting that the administration strives to offer services and run the economic activities in such a way that people would stay at home as much as possible, would not attend gatherings, and all activities would conform with the health protocols.

He then made it clear that the only supervisory body making decisions about the businesses or regulating the opening hours is the Coronavirus Battle National Headquarters in Tehran, stressing that none of the provincial governors or medical units are allowed to make a decision in this regard.

President Rouhani then stated that negotiations are underway with the neighboring countries to facilitate the travels of individuals, particularly for the transfer of goods at the border, in compliance with the health protocols defined by the World Health Organization.

The president finally highlighted the decisions to mitigate the harms to the businesses and people following the spread of coronavirus, saying the deadline for tax payments and for the installments of bank loans has been extended by three months.

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