Saturday, January 28, 2023

Iran Develops Versatile Mini-Tractor for Gardening

Iranian researchers has developed a versatile-mini tractor capable of being used on different types of land.

The versatile mini-tractor has been designed and produced for the first time thanks to financial and logistical support by the Technology Development Department of the Islamic Azad University.

According to a Farsi report by Azad News Agency (ANA), a number of researchers, elites and faculty members of the university have contributed to the project.

The mini-tractor can be produced on an industrial scale and supplied to the market, Abbas Nemati, an expert on the research team, says.

According to him, the mini-tractor can be used in all gardens and farms as it is versatile and enjoys high maneuverability.

The machine can be equipped with different devices such as ploughshares, water pumps, cultivators, etc., he added.

The mini-tractor has good engine power, high quality and endurance, low fuel consumption and an affordable price, the researcher noted.


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