Iran Develops IVF Kits for Lab-Created Animal Embryo

Iran Develops IVF Kits for Lab-Created Animal Embryo

Iran has become the second country in the world to culture embryos in the laboratory with a homegrown in vitro fertilisation (IVF) kit developed by a domestic knowledge-based company.

Iranian scientists in the knowledge-based company ‘Pishgam Paya Zist’ have produced the high-tech IVF kits for the creation of livestock embryo in the laboratory that would help the animal husbandry industry breed purebred dairy and beef cattle.

Iran is now the world’s second country with the technical know-how to produce such kits.

The Iranian experts have developed an IVF-based growth medium that replaces five sets of growth medium made by an American company and is employed to culture embryo in a single integrated process.

The significant breakthrough has won two awards for the best project in the Techmart Festival of Iran.

The Iranian company’s strategy is to focus on research for the development of homegrown IVF techniques and supply the major industrial companies with the technology.

According to the CEO of the company, the Iranian firm is also developing an IVF microfluidics chip used for sperm sorting.

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