“Iran, Cradle of Civilisation” Exhibition to Move to Spain

In the coming days, the exhibition of “Iran, Cradle of Civilisation”, which is now underway in the Netherlands, is set to move to a museum in eastern Spain after the end of the exhibition.

In June 2018, “Iran, Cradle of Civilisation” exhibition opened with the presence of Iranian and Dutch officials at the Dutch Drents Museum.

According to Mehr New Agency, 196 ancient works from over 60 ancient Iranian sites are displayed in this event.

This show included seven galleries including “Iran during the Palaeolithic Era”, “Settlement in Villages”, “Urbanization”, “Golden Age; Achaemenid Period”, “Iran’s Renaissance”, “Sassanid Era” and “Iran and Islamic Era”.

Following this, a museum of Dutch historic items was also held in Iran. The exhibition was supposed to be held in the Netherlands for five months, but until now, it has been extended.

On the other hand, in the agreements between the National Museum of Iran and the Spanish museums, the two sides agreed to run an exhibition of historical works in both countries, and it is now expected that these works go to Spain after the end of the Dutch exhibition.

A few days ago, the government approved and authorised the holding of the exhibition in Spain. The exhibition will open in Spain late March.

In this regard, Mohammad-Reza Kargar, Director General of the Museums and Mobile Historical Assets told Mehr News Agency that these works will be displayed for four months in Spain unless the duration would be extended.

At the moment, the historical works are being packed to be transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Alicante in eastern Spain.

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