Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iran Covid cases on the rise; Omicron dominant strain

The number of Covid cases in Iran are on the rise and now at least one city is marked orange, which means people there risk contracting the disease.

The number of yellow cities in the country is 44 while 403 others are blue, the lowest level of threat from Covid. 

No cities are marked red for the time being. But officials are warning some areas could turn red again because of that Omicron. 

The number of hospitalizations have been soaring in the past couple of days too.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Epidemiological and Research Department of Iran’s Anti-Covid Scientific Committee has said more than 50 percent of new cases of the Coronavirus are Omicron infections. 

Dr. Massoud Younesian said one can safely say Omicron is the dominant strain in Iran now. 

Younesian added that Iran has seen a 10-12 percent daily rise in the number of Omicron cases over the past few weeks.

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