Sunday, December 3, 2023

Iran Corona fatalities around 4 hundred over 24 hours

Iran’s Health Ministry announced on Sunday, Covid-19 has killed 391 more people over the past 24 hours in the country.

According to the ministry figures, the total Covid death toll now stands at 116,182.

Unofficial sources however say the number of people killed by the disease is much higher.

Health Ministry officials also registered 15,975 new infections in the last 24 hours. Iran’s total Coronavirus caseload has risen to 5,424,835.

The number of infections and deaths are now lower than the early days of the fifth wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. Hospitalizations are also down. Authorities attribute this to the huge number of daily Covid vaccinations.

Iran started a nationwide vaccination drive months ago to contain the disease. The Iranian Health Ministry says 1,368,000 people have got Covid jabs countrywide. Meanwhile, 29,467,568 Iranians have so far received the first dose of the vaccine while 13,904,702 people have been fully inoculated.

The age limit for vaccination in Tehran is also going to get lifted on Tuesday. The rising pace of the vaccination is due to a hike in vaccine import and production inside Iran. Officials say all Iranians will be fully vaccinated in a few months.

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