Friday, April 19, 2024

“Iran’s Bavar-373 air defense system rivals Russia’s S-400”

The deputy coordinator of the Iranian Army has said the Islamic Repbulic’s armed forces have many air defense systems which are all homegrown.

Admiral Sayyari cited Bavar-373 as an exmplae, which, he said,  rivals Russia’s S-400 missile shield.

Sayyari added that during the Iraqi imposed war, Iran only had HAWK surface to air missiles and 23mm guns but the country now has a broad range of such arms and it’s difficult to choose which weapon for use during war games.

Sayyari noted that the Iranian Army is also capable of building destroyers, adding that this is while only a few countries in the world have this capability.

The deputy coordinator of the Iranian Army said during the imposed war, Iran did not have submarines but now it does.

As for drones, Sayyari added, Iran produces highly sophisticated UAVs that use hi-tech equipment.

He said the Army has also made progress in electronic warfare and produces huge quantities of precision munitions with a high explosive power.

Iran has beefed up its deterrence capability in recent years amid repeated saber-rattling by its adversaries, namely the US and Israel.

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